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Hard-charging Philadelphia banker Jack Oliver has always made tough choices and sacrifices to achieve success, but when his mid-sized banking group is bought out by a mega-chain, Jack finds himself knocked from the top rung to the bottom of the ladder. When the stress of the merger lands him in the hospital, he realizes that his wife and kids hate him and his mistress is only interested in the number of zeros in his paycheck.  When Jack is approached by Benny, the old-fashioned president of a small Virginia bank, he doubts he could ever work for such a small-town guy after his cut-throat career. 

Left without the success he once craved and the family he undervalued, Jack may discover how to reclaim what he had taken for granted and lead a new kind of ‘questionable life.’ 

"From the first page of A Questionable Life, I was hooked!  Beneath the compelling story is a treasure chest of wisdom that is brought to life with a message of hope that will touch your heart.”
Didiayer Snyder, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

A Questionable Life is a great read!  The story depicts the power of questions in achieving balance in your life.”
Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder/ Publisher, Selling Power magazine